iscsicli provides a command line interface for the Microsoft iSCSI initator.

It is executed by running c:\iscsicli and once running, you can press ? to bring up the help screen.

The most useful commands will probably be:

iscsicli AddTarget

iscsicli RemoveTarget

iscsicli PersistentLoginTarget


iscsicli ListPersistentTargets

iscsicli RemovePersistentTarget

iscsicli Ping

[Request Count] [Request Size] [Request

And also these:

iscsicli QLoginTarget [CHAP Username] [CHAP Password]

iscsicli QAddTarget

iscsicli QAddTargetPortal
[CHAP Username] [CHAP Password]

iscsicli QAddConnection

[CHAP Username] [CHAP Password]

iscsicli BindPersistentVolumes

iscsicli BindPersistentDevices

More info here:


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