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Thanks Microsoft…

If you want to use sysprep (or a VMware Customization script) to modify the administrator password on a Windows 2003 Server box, you need to make sure the password on the image is blank. Yes that’s right, blank.


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Moving an Equallogic SAN to a different storage pool via CLI

Sometimes it is nice not to use the the GUI, to use command line instead.

If you need to move a unit from one storage pool to another, you can establish a telnet or putty session, login, and run the following:

GH-SAN-Prod> member select 3700-3

GH-SAN-Prod(member_3700-3)> pool STD-50

The first command will select the unit you wish to move, and the second command will send it to the pool that you want it to go to.
There is a really good CLI document on the Equallogic website.

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Dropped MPIO connections on VMWare vSphere and iSCSI

If you are getting dropped connections, and running ESX 4.0 U1,  it is probably worth checking out a patch released by VMware.

See here for more information:

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