Adding a new volume to an ESX host using Powershell

As I have a script already to create a new volume via Powershell, I wanted to extend it to add a new volume (datastore). The following function will do that:

Function vmAddStorage
    param ([string]$server, [string]$volname)
    #Example usage - vmAddStorage esxhost myNewVolume
    $myhost = get-vmhost $server
    $myhost | get-vmhoststorage -RescanAllHba
	$lunpath = Get-VMHost | Get-ScsiLun | Where { $_.Vendor -match "EQLOGIC"}
	new-datastore -vmfs -vmhost $myhost -path $lunpath.CanonicalName -Name $volname
    $myhost | get-vmhoststorage -RescanAllHba

This is for Equallogic storage, but you could adapt it for use with other storage vendors. to know what to use in the $lunpath line, you could run

Get-VMHost | Get-ScsiLun | format-list

Then look for the Vendor property. I ran this against ESXi 4.1 so far using version 1.0 of the pssnapin (vmware.viautomation.core).


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