Gartner Predicts (and fails..)

Some of Gartner’s better screw-ups…

Domination of IA-64 in the datacentre (2001)

Windows Mobile to dominate the Smartphone market (2003)

By 2008, 20 percent of “office” applications will be selected by users themselves (2006)

Vista will be the last major release of Windows (2006)

Demise of the Mouse in three to five years (2008)

In five years, we will all be using digital paper and smart fabric (2008)

WebOS to sell Millions of Tablets, and no MS (2010)

And IT Directors lap it up..



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2 responses to “Gartner Predicts (and fails..)

  1. Doughboy(^_^)

    Nice. It reminds me of Galbraith’s comment:
    “The purpose of economic forecasting is to make astrology seem respectable in comparison.”

  2. I belive they predicted the the demise of IDS in favour of IPS too, as many other things, would love to see an updated list but not just Gartner, others too such as IDC, 401, and Forrester’s research

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