Lost ring..

I found an engagement ring (I think) on an East Midlands Train service going into London St Pancras on the afternoon of 27th of January. It looks like the owner would probably miss it. The train was one that left Sheffield at 13:47 and arrived in London at 16:04.

A long shot but if anyone is looking for a lost ring left on a train, and it was an EMT train on the 27/01/12, let me know.


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  1. Emily Liquorish

    I lost a ring on an EMT train leaving Sheffield which was going to London St Pancras on December 7th 2011. Could it be possible that the ring you found had been on the train a little while before you found it? I can even tell you where i was sitting in the train if that helps?

    The ring i lost had an amber stone in it and the band was silver almost a bit of a Celtic design on the band.
    Do you think it could be my ring?

    I have spent so many months looking for it, it has a tiny monetary value but a massive sentimental value.

    I would be so grateful if you would drop me a reply, even if you think it’s not my ring, i can provide a picture of a ring that looks similar to if if you need it.

    Thanks in advance, look forward to hearing from you. if you would like my direct email address it is: emilyliquorish@rocketmail.com.


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