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Migrating from Outlook Notes

Migrating from Outlook Notes

There are plenty of decent note solutions around such as Evernote and (even better) OneNote. If you have a lot of notes stored in Outlook though, you may struggle to get them to OneNote (or Evernote) without have them as an attachment. This code can be used to read the contents of the note and send it as a message. Since those note programs typically have an email address where notes can be sent to, this can be an easy way of getting your notes from Outlook into your new program of choice.

$email = ""

#Connect to Outlook
$Outlook = New-Object -ComObject Outlook.Application

#Connect to notes
$OutlookNotes = $Outlook.session.GetDefaultFolder(12)

foreach ($note in $outlooknotes.items)
$body = $note.body
$subject = $note.subject
$Mail = $Outlook.CreateItem(0)
$Mail.To = $email
$Mail.Subject = $subject
$Mail.Body =$body


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Server Core 2012 fundamentally broken?

Trying to add a GUI back to server core (in a lab environment) highlighted that some fundamental issues with update are still broken.

Basically a Core installation won’t copy the installation files locally like a GUI install (to save space). All well and good as you can get the source files from the installation media. Well, unless you have applied any updates, in which case, you are in for a world of pain as the media will be out of date.

The article below explains the issue and how to get around it, but basically, I would just install the full-fat version of Server and then remove the GUI.

A shame, and hopefully something that they fix in Windows Server 2016.

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