Best VMworld 2016 sessions?

If you can make VMworld at Barcelona this year, you might want to know what sessions are great. I didn’t go to Vegas (and won’t be going to Barcelona this year), but have seen quite a lot of content from this year’s sessions.

So, my five favourites so far:

NET7857R – Reference Design for SDDC with NSX and vSphere
This is actually a two-parter, but I am going to cheat and include it as one. An overview of the NSX components, deployment considerations, single vCenter or multi-vCenter, DC topologies, considerations around VTEPs and VDS uplinks, and edge design. Part two covers sizing and considerations for small, medium, large implementations. Also covers multi-tenancy and security design life-cycle, polices, service composer, and a real world example of micro-segmentation. A couple of great presentations.
NET8193R – The Architectural Future of Network Virtualization
The keynote talked about some great upcoming applications of network virtualization, and this presentation goes into them. It starts by discussing the current NSX implementation and the planes, then a bit about clustering and log availability, and the exciting bit, about control planes now, high-performance architecture, control planes in the future, and NSX for public clouds.
SDDC8472 – An IT Architect’s Guide to the Software-Defined Data Center
Looks at the goals of the SDDC, and the components that make it up. Discusses VMware Validated Designs, the objectives, and the design decisions that go into them. Overview of a couple of deployment topologies, and some good links to videos.
INF9947-S – Spotlight on vSphere- Today, Tomorrow, and Beyond
A good presentation about the areas of focus for the vSphere development team, progress around 3D graphics with vSphere and VDI, containers, and ESXi upgrades without reboots. Also the future of the vSphere client and the HTML5 client, and an overview of where they are going with automation. Then a bit about predictive operations.
NET8675r – The Practical Path to NSX
A bit more detail than the previous session, with detail around micro-segmentation, a little bit around VDI, and practical steps about getting started. Also covers the benefits of automation (and blueprints!), and a quick look at cross-datacentre and even cross-cloud connectivity. Some good steps to help you get on the path to network virtualisation.

A fairly heavy slant towards NSX, but there was a massive amount of NSX content, and it is pretty exciting!







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