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Invalid configuration for device ‘0’ error

We are using VMware vSphere 4. Moving a VM from one location to another (putting it on portable storage, copying it up to the new datastore, and adding to inventory), and trying to edit the properties of the VM, I got the following error:

The problem is that it couldn’t find the 2nd drive. The solution was to:

1) Remove the VM inventory.

2) Manually edit the VMX file (I did it via Putty, but you could edit it on the desktop and upload a new copy) to remove the offending drive.

So where it said:

scsi0:1.present = “TRUE”
scsi0:1.fileName = “myvm.vmdk”
scsi0:1.deviceType = “scsi-hardDisk”
scsi0:1.redo = “”

It needed to be changed to:

scsi0:1.present = “FALSE”
scsi0:1.fileName = “myvm.vmdk”
scsi0:1.deviceType = “scsi-hardDisk”
scsi0:1.redo = “”

By the way, “vmware-cmd -l” will give you the correct path for each VM on that host.

3) Add to inventory again (either via the GUI or “vmware-cmd -s register \path\vmname.vmx”, and hey presto, everything works. I can then re-add the drive and select the correct location for it.


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